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G. Burnet
Standard: Burnet, Gilbert
Some letters. Containing an account of what seemed most remarkable in Switzerland, Italy, &c./ Written by G. Burnet, D.D. to T.H.R.B.[= The Honourable Robert Boyle]


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In 12°
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Standard: Rotterdam [Roterodami]

310 (i.e. 300) p.
Collette per i valdesi - Inghilterra - 1655
Francia - Descrizioni e viaggi - 1685
Italia - Descrizioni e viaggi - 1685


Contiene dettagli sulle collette fatte nel 1655 in favore dei Valdesi in Inghilterra.


Armand Hugon-Gonnet, Bibliografia Valdese (1953) n° 1568.

There a several variant issues of this book published in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and London, all in 1686. The Amsterdam printing has added, both to the title and the text, Burnet's Answer to Mr. Varillas. This is not part of this Rotterdam printing, however.

The context of Burnet's European travels was the accession to the British throne of the Roman Catholic James II. Upon the accession of James, Burnet, having no employment, and being refused admittance at court, obtained leave to go abroad. Avoiding Holland, on account of the number of exiles living there, and the consequent danger of being compromised by association with them, he went, upon promise of protection, to Paris. There he lived in close intercourse with Lord Montague, in a house of his own, until August 1685, when Monmouth's rebellion and the consequent troubles were over.

He then, in company with a French protestant officer, Stouppe, made a journey into Italy. At Rome he was treated with distinction by Innocent XI and by Cardinals Howard and D'Estrées. He soon, however, received a hint to leave, and returned through the south of France and Switzerland. In France he was a witness of the outburst of cruelty which followed the revocation of the edict of Nantes.

Burnet sent these letters to Robert Boyle ('T.H.R.B.' = The Honourable Robert Boyle). They were directed in the first place to the exposure of 'popery and tyranny'.

Riedizione anastatica: Menston, Scolar Press, 1972. 307 p. ISBN: 0-85417-698-5.